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Odisha (Orissa) Temples & Tribes Tours:



PACKAGE DURATION -12 Day 11 Nights



Day 01 : Arrive Bhubaneshwar
At your advent on Bhubaneswar land, our representative will welcome you and will take away you to Hotel via registered taxi where you will get some time to get refresh . Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha. it is an ancient city and worldwide known as city of temples . your journey will start with Lingaraja Temple ,the most outstanding architecture of 11th century and Mukteswar temple a masterpiece of 10th century . these temples are situated around the Bindusagar Tank . Then you will move towards Udayagiri and Khandgiri caves that are the excellent form of sculptures . Back to hotel for a sweet night-stay .


Day 02 : Bhubaneshwar - Dhauli - Konark - Puri
On the way to Konark (75 km) we will sojourn at Dhauli where the Mauryan king ‘ Ashoka’ relinquish the Violence and grasp the teachings of Buddha . you will enjoy the view of Peace Pagoda known as Shanty Stupak that was constructed in 1970 by the Japanese in honor of Lord Buddha . Your next stop will be at Pipli, a village that is filled with colorful handicrafts item . After it enjoy the sight of ‘Suryadev’ temple that was built in the 13th century by King ‘Langula Narasimha’ during the golden era of Orissan art. This temple is the main attraction of Konark, when God sun rises from the horizon and spread out its rays that illuminate the shrine . It was referred ‘Black Pagoda’ by European soldiers who want to discriminate it from the whitewashed Jagannath Temple during their business trips . After it you tour will start towards Puri .AS night falls you reached Puri and will stay here overnight .

Day 03 : In Puri

Puri is one of the holy pilgrimage and have unique place among Char Dham Yatra . Puri is famous by various names since the olden times, and was locally known as "Shrikhetra" and Lord Jagannath temple is known as "Badadeula" . The main attraction of puri is Jagannath temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu - the God of universe . In the evening you will relish the Beach fun . There are multiple Beach resort from where you can enjoy the views of Sunset and Sunrise . Night-stay will be in hotel of Puri .

Day 04 : Puri - Chilka Lake
Drive to Chilka Lake you will find the natural beauty that will easily fascinate you . Chilka lies in the heart of Odisha that is spread in area of 1,100 sq km . It is the largest lake of Bharat and full of rich variety of aquatic animals and seems heaven to birds lovers, when thousand types of birds migrate from worldwide in winter season . Overnight at Guest House at Chilka .

Day 05 : Chilka Lake - Gopalpur
Wakeup early in the morning and get ready to relish the avian life and ‘Kalijai Temple’among the lake that is situated on a tiny island . In winter season the lake is covered with various types of birds and you can be aware with the work of fishermen, who appear here in search of crabs, fishes and prawns . After lunch break we set out towards Gopalpur, an ancient seaport that is rarely visited by tourists . Night will be spent at resort .

Day 06 : Gopalpur - Taptapani
Rest at hotel, in afternoon drive will start to Taptapani that is 150 km from Gopalpur . Taptapani is famous for its Sulphar water natural springs . It is Holy place of Goddess Kandhi, who is believed to cure infertility. You may visit Chandragiri, thet is 36 km away from ‘Taptapani’ . A large community of Tibetan refugees resides here and earning their lives by weaving carpets . Overnight at bungalow .

Day 07 : Taptapani - Rayagada
Driving above 220 km you will reach at the Rayagada , the village of tribal community . The pattern of people living in the district show unity in diversity of races, languages, and culture . The scenic beauty and heritage on the land is an unexplored paradise .The houses of villagers are made up of mud an decorated with remarkable paintings . Maa Majhighariani and Laxmi-Narayan temple is famous in the state of Odisha by bowing your head here you can take thousands of blessings . Night-stay at hotel.

Day 08 : Rayagada - Kothgarh - Rayagada
The tour will go ahead Kothgarh tribal area 180 km . The population of kothgarh speaks Kuvi language that is derived from the Dravidian strain of Southern India . the tribal community sacrifices animals to happy their goddess . The habitants still use arrows and bow to protect themselves from animals . After visiting this area will back to Rayagada Hotel for night-stay .

Day 09 : Rayagada - Jeypore
In the morning, you will en-route towards Jeypore via Chatikona, visiting the beauty of villages that lies on the way . Overnight at hotel .

Day 10 : Jeypore - Onukudelli
It is the place where you can the society of fierce Bondas (naked people )who live in the hills of Onukudelli . They grow rice and domesticate cows and goats . They keep them confined and can only be seen when they come to visit market for their household needs . If you want to meet them then you have to schedule your tour on weekly market day . Overnight at Bungalow in Machkund near Onukudelli.

Day 11 : Onukudelli - Gupteswar - Jeypore
On 11th day, tour will outset to Gupteswar to visit the caves that are believed to have been the asylum of Lord shri Ram during his exile and here you can see that place where Lord Ram worshipped Lord Shiva . will back to Jeypore on same day . Overnight at hotel .

Day 12 : Jeypore - Vishakhapatnam - Delhi
With lots of memories you will leave to hotel early in the morning and move towards Vishakhapatnam airport for Flight to Delhi.