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Book a car in Bhubaneswar airport and visit these top 4 beach destinations

Odisha, one of the most beautiful states in the eastern part of India, is bestowed with many beautiful beach destinations. In fact, in recent years, every beach has started gaining so much popularity among the tourists and locals that Odisha tourism has started giving special attention to them. As a result, the beaches are getting lots of favoritism and popularity across the nation. So book a car in Bhubaneswar airport and visit these pristine beaches along with your family and friends and enjoy the breathtaking views that these beaches have to offer. Below mentioned are the top 4 beaches to visit in Odisha. Read to know:

Puri Beach

Located at a mere distance of 35 km from the Sun Temple, the Puri beach is idle for tourists looking to spend some quality time by the sea. It is one of the busiest beaches of Odisha, where thousands of devotees and pilgrims visit to pay a tribute to Lord Jagannath. Moreover, the long stretch of the sea and clear waters make it ideal for swimming. The area near the beach is filled with various types of shops of all categories, allowing the tourists to shop while listening to the melodious rendition of the striking waves of the sea. Also, if you get hungry, just hit the seafood stalls for some lip-smacking fried and grilled seafood like prawns, crabs and pomfrets, freshly caught from the sea.

Gopalpur Beach

Gopalpur Beach is a true delight to nature lovers located just 15km away from the commercial hub of southern Odisha, Berhampur. It is one of India’s finest beach destinations that is not just serene, blue and breathtaking but also gives you a very European feel. The beach is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys water sports. When you’re done spending a relaxing time on the beach, don’t forget to visit the local stalls outside the beach to get some really fantastic goods that are sold only at this special beach.

Paradip Sea Beach

For beach lovers, there’s nothing similar to the feeling of the long alone time on the beach where there’s only you to be as long as you want in the warm water as well as gather all the shells as you can. Located 125 km away from the capital city Bhubaneswar, the sea beach at Paradip offers the visitors a relaxation spot where they can destress themselves. You can see many places on and around the beach, including a lighthouse, BijuMinar, Aquarium, Science Park, Hanuman Temple, etc. Also, you can see the big ships coming to the Paradip port from this sea beach. The sunrise and sunset are very pleasant to watch at this beautiful and scenic beach. Paradip is a very nice place to enjoy the weekend and the holidays. 

Chandipur Beach

If nature’s wonder fascinates you, Chandipur Beach is an excellent place to be with your family and friends. The beach has been listed by many travel experts as one of the most extraordinary beaches of the world because the sea disappears automatically for some time and comes back in the normal tide on its own, twice a day. This is the reason why it is known as the vanishing beach. This wonder that happens twice a day is enough to leave you astonished. Sand dunes, rocky coasts and verdant Casuarina trees make Chandipur beach one of the most spectacular seashores, lending the beach air of romance and a wonderful place to be with your loved ones. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know which beaches to visit on your next holiday in Odisha, don’t think twice and book a car in Bhubaneswar airport from Mishra Tours & Travels and travel to these beautiful beaches reliably and safely. Rest assured, we will make your whole travel experience memorable and more fun. Call us today!

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