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Book a Hotel in Bhubaneswar and visit these top 5 destinations in the monsoon

Monsoon is always a pleasant time for many people as this is the season that makes everything look clean and wet. It helps in replenishing the lost vitality of nature. Also, this duration can be refreshing enough if one decides to take a trip to Odisha. The state knows exactly how to uplift the spirit of travelers in the rainy season with its natural blissful tourist destinations. If you are planning to visit Odisha during the monsoon, remember to book a hotel in Bhubaneswar from Mishra Tours & Travels that can make your trip more enjoyable at an affordable price. Read this blog to find out the top 5 places to visit near Bhubaneswar during the monsoon.

1. Marine drive

Just a few hours from the capital Bhubaneswar, the Puri-Konark Marine Drive lends a beautiful encounter with the sea on one side and coastal forest on the other side that can mesmerize every single heart passing through. The charismatic Chandrabhaga beach running parallel to the coastal forests with low traffic and almost no pollution is what makes it just perfect for a long drive. The 35 kilometers drive makes one of the best marine drives in India, offering some breathtaking views of the gushing sea, while the smooth and well-built road makes the journey easy and swift. If you are lucky, you can see some deers crossing the roads.

2. Naraj

Naraj is a picturesque spot on the outskirts of Cuttack, which is famous for giving a panoramic view of the river Mahanadi at the origin of its branch, Kathajodi. Apart from the scenic beauty that the place offers, Naraj is also frequented by devotees offering prayers at the temple of Lord Sidheswar standing nearby. Today, numerous tourists from different parts of the country are drawn to the location to witness the picturesque setting and natural beauty surrounding it. Visit it during the monsoon season, if you want to see the river at its best.

3. Paradip

Paradip is one of the major commercial ports of India that, located just 125km away from Bhubaneswar. Clear blue waters surrounded by green forest cover make Paradip one of the most sought-after beaches to visit during the monsoon. The Paradip Port is a standing testimony to the rich maritime legacy of the state.

4. Chilika lake

Known as the queen of natural beauty, Chilika lake is the largest internal saltwater lake in Asia. The lake is spread over 1000 square km, bordered by three different districts with the Puri in the north and Ganjam in the south. It boasts a significant population of Irrawaddy Dolphin, which is the highest recorded inland population in the world. These dolphins are fairly slow swimmers and can be seen singly or in a group of four to six near Rajhans Nature Camp. If you see them, it is definitely going to be an experience you can never forget. If you are traveling from Bhubaneswar, you can see the fabulous horizon dotted with various birds. Undoubtedly, Chilika lake is a great center of attraction for a monsoon ride.

5. Dhauli

Situated along the River Daya, Dhauli is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage destination near Bhubaneswar, surrounded by paddy fields. It is renowned for the Kalinga war that brought the transformation of Ashoka, turning him into a Buddhist. The place has four massive idols of Lord Buddha in various postures, along with episodes from Gautam Buddha’s life carved on stone slabs. Located 8 km south on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, it is one of the best places to visit during the monsoon that provides a beautiful view of the entire area filled with lush green agricultural lands and the river Daya.

Parting Words

Are you looking to book a hotel in Bhubaneswar in order to enjoy the monsoon trips hassle-free? Look no further than Mishra Tours & Travels. It has decades of experience in arranging short trips as well as long trips, keeping in mind the preference and taste in accommodations and travel options of the tourists. For a hassle-free and enjoyable journey to Odisha, book your travel packages from Mishra Tours & Travels now!

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