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Cherish a hassle-free sojourn when you book a car in Bhubaneswar Airport

The Temple City of Bhubaneswar is the perfect gateway to enter the East Coast State of Odisha and attracts scores of enthusiastic and intrepid holidaymakers from India and abroad. This vibrant city captivates its tourists with endless breathtaking panoramas throughout its length and breadth and commences the start point for several customized tour packages offered by the leading travel operator of Mishra Tours and Travels. 

With many short value-added breathers and long trips available with this esteemed travel agency, it can be the most prudent decision to chalk out the entire tour itinerary in advance, and book a car in Bhubaneswar Airport by selecting the choicest standard car or luxury sedan at feasible rates for enjoying a comfortable odyssey. 

How Do Mishra Tours And Travels Offer Privileges To The Tourists With Their Rental Cars?

24×7 Luxury and Safer Car Rentals

The time-tested rentals of standard and luxury sedans furnished by Mishra Tours and Travels are dedicatedly available throughout any time of the year with continual access. Tourists deciding to enter Odisha through the Temple City can easily book the sanitized taxi service by giving us a call, wherein we will be promptly sent the choicest sedans selected by the clients right at the airport gates. 

In this context, the holidaymakers can select their ideal sedans from a diverse range of ultramodern premier cars such as Hyundai Accent, Toyota Etios and Fortuner, Maruti Dzire, along with Chevrolet, Tata, Mahindra, Honda, and several others. Each of our hatchbacks and sedans comes with loads of cutting-edge technology like automated transmission modes, GPS-based route tracking navigational system, and also has integrated music functions and AC offering an unmatched level of comfort with a faster journey. 

Dissimilar to public transportation, the luxury fleet of cars at Mishra Tours and Travels comes with the assurance of negligible engine breakdown, and no other allied mechanical drawbacks during the tourist’s journey. In addition, the sedans prove their authenticity, as they furnish cost-free malfunction coverage, while the engine and other components are examined doubly each day, ensuring that the cars are available with optimum roadworthiness. Thus, with the least dysfunctional issues, the vacationers do not require to shell out supplementary costs during their journey. 

We offer steadfast standard and luxury taxi service throughout Temple City, along with other parts of Odisha of Puri, Konark, Cuttack, Gopalpur sea beach, Chilika Lake, and several other popular destinations. Therefore, with instant pickups and drop-ins at the intended stopover of the customers with maximum commitment and responsibility, the one-of-a-kind luxury car service from Mishra Tours and Travels certainly satisfies the distinct vacation needs of the tourists. 

Gracious Cabmen Offering Smooth and Speedy Service

The chauffeurs catered by Mishra Tours and Travels are professionally trained and cordial in their attitude and always treat their clients with the utmost decorum. Besides, these cabbies come with in-depth knowledge about the different travel routes throughout Bhubaneswar, apart from other major and offbeat stopovers of Odisha. They are quite adept to ferry their customers to their destined stops within the stipulated timeframe by taking the shortest and quickest routes, supported with automated GPS navigation. 

At times, the holidaymakers may not be aware of the exact information of their destination, wherein just by prompting the stopover names, the cabbies can drop their clients to the appropriate place with their extensive expertise. Thus, there are no probabilities of getting misplaced in the transit, even when the getaway is at an unconventional location. 

A Completely Disinfected Fleet of Sedans

Sustaining adherence with the rigorous Corona virus pandemic norms, Mishra Tours and Travels only provides a superior quality luxury decontaminated fleet of cars that goes through routine sanitizations. In this context, the sedans are thoroughly sterilized with Government approved disinfectant sprays, especially just before the entry and exit of the travelers booking such premiums cars. Besides, the drivers are also provided with sanitizer bottles for offering instant sprays, as and when required during the travel time with their clients. Thus, following such securer means of sojourn, the clients will certainly stay contented with the steadfast service and decide to book more from our reliable car service. 

Final Verdict

Acknowledging the peerless customer service and distinct upsides provided by Mishra Tours and Travels, it is enough for the clients to remain gratified and book a car in Bhubaneswar Airport for cherishing their soothing odysseys throughout Odisha.

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